Polo Management Services



Do you want to take your polo to the next level? You don’t need to invest in a farm, staff, trucks, and trailers to make your dream come true. Our Polo Management Services team specializes in providing the management you need to fit polo into your busy schedule. 

We will provide ponies (or board if you have your own), all the tack you need, transport to and from games, game scheduling, training and professional players to play on your team. All you have to do is arrive and ride!

Our full services package includes:

  • Board

  • Tack & equipment (maintenance and cleaning)

  • Trailering & transport

  • Training

  • Managing the vet and farrier visits

  • Grooms

  • Seasonal pony leasing

Progression LEAGUE

So you can swing a mallet and hit a little white ball while riding a horse. Now what?

Progression League is the next step for you. It's a weekly program that is designed to give players more playing experience with less commitment. Each team will consist of one rated USPA player or instructor and the Toronto Polo School will provide the polo ponies.

Progression League is also perfect for players who want to play regularly but want more flexibility than the Toronto Polo Club offers. 

Weekly Games

We also offer competitive weekly games for players looking to keep up and sharpen their skills. Held on the main field at Bancroft Farm these matches are a casual way to keep playing good polo without too much commitment.

  • Games are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (weather dependent).

  • Private Games can be arranged.

  • Horse rentals are available for matches.


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