Learn to Play Polo

Never ridden before? Not a problem! We specialize in beginners. We teach you everything you need to know on the ground first, before getting you on a horse, so that you feel as confident and safe as possible.

More than two-thirds of our  students come to us as beginners and we like it that way. This way, we can mould you into the polo superstars we know you can be!

Our polo ponies are impeccably trained and extremely obedient. They know their job and they do it well. They have an innate ability to know when it’s a beginner on their back and take extra good care of them. And they often know where the ball is better than our beginners!

Don't stress if you've never even touched a horse before. We’ll teach you front from back and hoof from head, along with many other valuable basic horse skills before we start working on your polo skills. By the end of your first day, we promise that  you’ll be confidently sitting on horseback with a mallet in hand.

All our coaches are seasoned polo players as well as being USPA (United States Polo Association) and Polo Canada members. We pride ourselves on giving our students top quality instruction with a focus on player development.  


The Learn to Play one day polo clinic can take complete beginners and introduce them to the sport of polo. You can treat yourself to something unique and learn the intricacies of the wonderful sport of polo. No riding experience is necessary and all equipment will be provided. 


The 8-week Polo School is designed to introduce potential players to the skills and game knowledge necessary to enjoy participating in the sport of polo. The program culminates with a graduation game. Successful participants will qualify to take part in the Progression League


Private lessons last 60-minutes and are with one of our experienced instructors. During these sessions, the lesson will be customized entirely to your wants and needs. These lessons are a great way to focus on specific skills or improve your overall ability. All necessary equipment (including ponies) will be provided.

I wanted to say thanks again for putting on such a great clinic on Saturday. Your hospitality, coaching, and the helpful guys made the day an amazing experience.
— Wayne


Do you want to plan an interesting event for your team or clients? Give polo a try!

Polo is a thrilling sport to watch and play, and our Corporate Polo Day gives you a chance to escape the city and do both in a stunning country setting. With options for limousine service, customized team shirts and fine dining packages, our program is an ideal opportunity to strengthen and build relationships with both clients and colleagues, whilst trying something new. 

Don’t have any horse experience? That’s more than okay! 80% of our Corporate Polo Day participants have no horse experience. We specialize in beginners and making sure that everyone is having fun and feels confident.

CONTACT US for more information. If you’re interested and would like to check on booking, let us know how many would be in your party, the date you’d like to hold the event, and what options you'd like included and we will send you a quote.

Your ponies are amazing at their jobs, not one of them put a foot wrong with so many newbies on their backs. Your place is beautiful and the Polo Shack is a great place to sit and enjoy it all.
— Janice