The holidays are fast approaching and if you’ve got a polo player on your list you’re probably scratching your head wondering what to get them (hence why you’ve clicked on this post).

We’ll let you in on a little secret…polo players tend to have a bit of a one-track mind (something you’ve probably already noticed) making your task of finding them the perfect gift that much easier. All you have to do is think 'polo' but what makes a good gift when it comes to polo?

If you’re not a polo player yourself and aren’t well versed in the sport you’re probably at a bit of a loss when it comes to what to get them. Not to fear! We’re here with your cheat sheet of Christmas gifts for all the polo players on your list.

1. Equipment

If there’s one thing polo players can never have enough of, it’s equipment. We’re always in need of something, whether it’s replacing something old or needing something new, equipment is always on our list.

We should, however, mention that polo players tend to be very particular when it comes to their equipment so tread carefully when purchasing it as a gift, do the best you can to get specifics on exactly what they want and when that fails make sure to get some sort of a gift receipt.

Or if you’re totally at a loss for what they need and can’t get specifics from them, just give them money to put towards new equipment and rest assured it will get used.

Our top picks:

Casablanca now has a Canadian website with shipping across Canada and they’ve got all the polo gear the player on your list could ever want.

Tackeria located in Wellington, Florida also ships to Canada for all your equipment shopping needs. 

Oakley Glasses are used by many players under their helmets to protect their eyes; the field lens technology can make the ball stand out on the grass which is exactly what players want (*hint* great gift for a player who doesn't have a pair). To be the best gift they receive this year, customize them with their favorite colours.  

c canada.png


2.     Polo Belts

For something similar to equipment but a little more fun to shop for, look at Pampeano’s classic polo belts. These belts come in brightly coloured South American patterns which are used by many a polo player. Because of their bright colours a polo player can always use another one to match yet another jersey colour next time they take to the field. To personalize your gift, get their initials engraved on the belt loop.



3.     Polo Books

‘Tis the season for curling up by the fire and reading a good book so why not give the polo player on your list some reading material to while away the winter days reading about their favorite thing and counting down the days till the sunny summer days return and they can get back out there. For our favorite polo reading choices see our blog post Rainy Day Reading List.



4.     Polo Jewellery

Jewellery is always a big hit with the ladies and for the female polo player on your list what better to get her than polo themed jewellery.  



5.     Tack

For the polo player that owns their own polo ponies, tack is always a good gift. However, as with their own equipment, players can be somewhat particular when it comes to buying equipment for their horses, so again, look for clues about what exactly they want or stick to something easy that is pretty standard like new saddle pads, wraps, or brow bands etc.



6.     Polo

What better gift to give the polo player on your list than…more polo! Because of their previously stated one track mind, the polo player on your list probably spends an inordinate amount of their time scheming about how to find the time and money to play more polo, why not help them out and buy them more polo. Simply give them money or voucher for however much polo you wish to pay for on their behalf.





7.     And if you really want to be their favorite person this Christmas, then there’s one final thing that no polo player will say no to…a polo pony! Just kidding!



Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list you may be able to find even more cool polo themed gifts for the polo player on your list OR you may get lucky and have a polo player on your list who knows exactly what they want and asks for it point blank. Either way, we hope we’ve got the ideas flowing to make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier.