Horses For Sale

Below is a list of our horses for sale, please contact us to book a trial or for more information.


8 year old Bay gelding

Angelito is a very straightforward and safe 15.1 sturdy gelding. Suitable for a beginner and upwards. Comfortable with a great mind. 


10 year old Bay gelding

 Bubbles is a very experienced polo pony, he has played competitively to the 12 goal level. He is well balanced, fast and agile. Suitable for any level rider. 



7 year old Dark Bay gelding

Ceco is a straightforward and uncomplicated 15.1 Argentine bred polo pony. A comfortable, easy going seven year old. Ceco is suitable for any level rider. 


15 year old chestnut Mare

Clarita is a fast and powerful Argentine bred mare. She plays to any level. Is a very competitive polo pony. She stands 15.2 h. 


13 year old Buckskin Champagne Mare

Unique colouring, very comfortable and competitive. Has played 0-12 goal. Suitable for beginner or pro. Always dependable. 


7 year old Steel Grey Gelding 

Very talented Argentine bred gelding. Well balanced and powerful with a very good handle. This horse has a great future ahead of him. 


10 year old chestnut Mare

Petite and swift Evita is a well balanced and energetic polo pony. Has played competitively to the 12 goal level. Needs little encouragement. 


10 year old Bay Mare

Powerful, well-balanced, easy to play Argentine mare. Will play to any level, no vices. 


13 year old chestnut gelding

Janeiro is a 13 year old chestnut gelding with a strong and sturdy build. He would make a superb Patron horse and has no quirks. He's as honest as they come. 


6 year old chestnut Mare

Latika is a good looking and well built mare. Very comfortable and suitable for a beginner. Straightforward and uncomplicated. 

Low Key

8 year old Bay gelding

Larger polo pony, comfortable and powerful with a great mind. Very easy to play. Low Key is always a treat to play. Suitable for tall or larger rider. 


6 year old Grey gelding

Great looking, great conformation, well balanced, soft mouth, powerful fast and easy to play. Would be the top horse in your string. 15.2h plus.  


5 year old chestnut Mare

Quiet and sturdy, Musica has a lovely mind and is very easy to play. 


8 year old Bay Mare

A bigger horse, Mummy stands 15.3 plus and is a super comfortable and smooth ride. Very easy to play and a gentleman in all he does. Good from a beginner level upwards and for a taller or heavier player. 


12 year old Bay Mare

A powerhouse and a favorite for the Pros, stands 15.1 and is a solid strong and powerful mare. Quiet at the lower levels but needs an experienced player at higher speeds.


13 year old Chestnut Mare

A taller and competitive Argentine mare, Pantalla will play to any level and is better suited to a rated player. 



5 year old Bay Mare

A nice bay mare, Paris has just begun playing chukkers and is showing a lot of potential, with a great mind and disposition she is beautifully balanced and has a great polo future. 


17 year old Bay Mare

The perfect horse for any beginner or experienced player, easy, smooth and comfortable, Princessa delivers the same comfortable game everytime and has a world of experience. 


6 year old Bay Mare

A very well bred dark bay mare standing at just 15 hands, smooth, powerful and well balanced. Just in her second year of play, Petuga will make a champion pony. 


8 year old Chestnut Gelding

SOLD! A solid and sane Argentine gelding that anyone can ride or play. Can go from a beginner to a tournament and back without missing a beat. Fun, safe and well-balanced, the perfect horse for multiple riders.


17 year old Dark Bay Mare

Señorita is a 17 year old dark bay mare with a tall and strong build. She's a seasoned polo pony who has played low to medium goal polo her whole life. She is suitable for a mid-level rider. 


16 year old Grey Gelding

A grey Argentine Gelding, Tiburon is very straight forward and honest, plenty of experience and a good horse for any size player to start with or add to their string.


19 year old Bay Mare

A very solid dark bay mare, Wondermouth has a lifetime of experience, is easy to play , will go as quiet or hard as you ask .


8 year old dARK bAY gELDING

Zaino is a full bodied 15.2 hand dark bay gelding. Simple and uncomplicated. He's suitable for any level.