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Here's just a few of the compliments we have recieved from attendees at our clinics.

"I wanted to thank you for an amazing day last weekend!  We were all so very impressed with your enthusiasm, patience, and hard work.  Our day was very well organized, and as promised, we were actually playing Polo by the end of the day!!!  A special mention should also go to Scott and the rest of your enthusiastic staff who were not only extremely professional and courteous, but also made us feel special.  Please pass on our kind and appreciative regards.”



“Hey Brian, I had such a great time Saturday at your polo intro clinic!!  My body says otherwise today, but I can’t stop telling everyone how much fun we had.  Let me know what your up coming schedule is going to be for August.  Once again, thanks for the great experience, in spite of the fact that I am having difficulty crossing my legs today!!"



"Just wanted to say I had a great time on Saturday and thank-you for taking the time with a rookie such as myself.”



"Just wanted to drop you a short note to thank both you and Scott again for an amazing day on Saturday.  Trish and I both left on a complete high and said it was the most fun on horseback we have ever had.  I can see how one could get completely hooked on Polo as a sport.  The hunter/equitation world of the A and Trillium circuits where my background is from is way more uptight :)  Yesterday gave me a breath of fresh air about the horse industry.  Thank you for that."



"A short note to say thank you, Enrique and everyone at Polo Management for a great experience this summer.  I feel the instruction was invaluable.  As is probably already obvious I am really enjoying the game.  It’s truly amazing!”



“Many many thanks for a terrific day on Saturday.  You have a great spot...Hats off to you!
P.S. I’m starting to loosen up...now I only feel like a 70 year old instead of a 90     year old.”

- Marie & Ronan


"Just an FYI and a thank you to Wendy for getting us our equipment.  The mallets are great, helmet fits, and Jim tried the knee pads which saved him from a nasty rubbing up against the wall.  Ponies were great, had lots of zip, and played well.  Amanda, Petra and Bonty were well organized and everything ran smoothly.”



"I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how great of a time I had last Sunday.  The day was nothing but enjoyable and professional.  I can see how easily the sport can be addictive.  I am sure you have many years of success ahead of you with such a great facility and wonderful staff.”


"Once again, thanks for the great adventure yesterday.  I am sore as hell today and can’t imagine what tomorrow is suppose to be like, but I’m sure I’ll get over it to give this another try.  Let me know when your next 8 week lesson series begins and I look forward to signing up.”



"I wanted to say thanks again for putting on such a great clinic on Saturday.  Your hospitality, coaching, and the helpful guys made the day an amazing experience.  I am seriously considering the school coming up, and would like your feedback and input as to if you think I have the ability to become a competent player.  Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again to you and all the boys, and Whitey for and awesome day.”


“I am happy to report that I have fully recovered from what seemed like certain testicular crucifixion.   It’s really amazing the lengths one will attempt when trying to show off in front of ones girlfriend!!  Funny though, how motivating the conditions of the bet were in keeping me on that horse (as well a little help from you)!!  Thanks again Brian, I hope to be on that horse again soon!!!"



"Once again, thank you so much for such a wonderful day on Saturday!!  I have been singing your praises ever since and will continue to do so!  What a fabulous day!!”


"What a day!  I’m a bit stiff today - not too bad at all!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve ridden - last October for an hour or so.  It’s amazing how the competitive spirit takes over and the horsemanship confidence kicks back in.  Your ponies are amazing at their jobs, not one of them put a foot wrong with so many newbies on their backs.  Your place is beautiful and the Polo Shack is a great place to sit and enjoy it all.  Thanks again”



"Thanks again for the great day last Saturday!  Just starting to regain mobility in my legs and back!  Ha...  Looking forward to the next clinic, I’m itching to play now that I can move again!”


"Thank you very much for a lovely polo session on Saturday.  I would love to join you guys there for Monday training sessions.”